Notification gives us the opportunity to rectify the conditions that violate the law, rules or ethical guidelines. Employees notifications are an important resource for STOLT and everything is confidential.

Who can notify? Employees who experience unacceptable circumstances as the failure of safety procedures or conditions contrary to the requirements of Arbeidsmiljøloven, shall notify STOLT about this.

Examples of unacceptable circumstances may include:

  • – Work without safety equipment
  • – Defective equipment
  • – Lack of security on site
  • – Incorrect work at height
  • – Work with chemicals without the necessary protective equipment
  • – Negligent / irresponsible conduct on construction site
  • – Orders from the construction site management that goes beyond their own or others health
  • – Bullying

If you notify us you are protected by Arbeidsmiljøloven from retaliation for having warned of unacceptable conditions.

How to notify? You can contact us on SMS 90949349, e-mail hms@stoltbemanning.no or via Safety representative Aleksejs Mahanovs tel. 24 10 28 24 or e-mail aleksejs@stoltbemanning.no.