HSE is our TOP PRIORITY, your safety is very important to us so if something happens – always LET US KNOW!


Your notification gives us the opportunity to rectify matters that violate the law, rules or ethical guidelines. Employees who give notice are an important resource for STOLT and everything is treated confidentially.

Who can notify us? Employees who experience conditions worthy of criticism such as failures in safety routines or working conditions in violation of the requirements of the Working Environment Act must notify STOLT of this.

Examples of matters worthy of criticism may be:

  • Work without safety equipment
  • Defective machines
  • Lack of securing on construction site
  • Improper work at height
  • Work with chemicals without the necessary protective equipment
  • Neglected / irresponsible conduct on the construction site
  • Orders from the construction site management that go beyond one’s own or others’ health


As a whistleblower, you are protected against retaliation through the Working Environment Act for having given notice of matters worthy of criticism.

How to notify? You can contact us by calling our main number 24 10 28 24, email to hms@stoltbemanning.no

or via our Safety Representative: Trond Magnussen tel. 24 10 28 24 or e-mail to: trond@stoltbemanning.no


We would also like to remind you that it is important that you are up to date with the necessary courses, which are required to have to work on a construction site.

Vignita is a platform we use for courses in HSE, use of dangerous tools course and onboarding, feel free to go to the website to have an update. If you have not taken these courses, there is something you must do immediately!

If you have not received a link from us to log in, or if technical problems occur, please contact us on our main number 24102824

We also have other courses that may be necessary to take, as there are some customers who require this.

In any case, we recommend that you take these courses, as you get a lot of important and educational info.

For all the courses you take under our auspices, it is important that you download the diploma and let us know so we can save these on your profile in our system.






AF Group






Øst-Riv danger blind course


STOLT should be an honest company that works to elevate and protect you and your workplace.

STOLT`s goal is for you to experience job satisfaction and pride every single working day.

You are committed to doing your best. STOLT commits to developing you. No bullshit. Both ways.