Statutory rights for payment for Holidays are just for the 1st and the 17th of May.

This means that Stolt has to pay you for these days, when the employee fulfil the requirements.
Requirements are that you have to work 30 days consistently (in a row) before or after.  In addition you still have to be in assignment the day after the 1st or the 17th of May.
If you haven’t worked 30 days consistently before, then you don’t have rights for payment for the 1st or the 17th of May. This payment will be put on hold, because you still have the opportunity to work 30 days consistently after the 1st or the 17th of May. This will be automatically evaluated 30 days later by Stolt, and if you fulfil the requirements this time, the 1st or the 17th of May will be paid on the first coming payment.

There are always some exceptions. Like for example, at some customers you work 4 long days and not on Fridays, this does not mean you have lost your rights.
Also if you have legal absence, you will not lose your rights.

Other Holidays.

Stolt has agreements with all of its customers. Some customers pay for Holidays, some other customers don’t. So if you wonder why you didn’t get paid for a Holiday,  first contact the staff office or payment office to find out if the customer you have worked for pays for Holidays.
Also here counts that you have to work 30 days consistently before or after, but in addition you need to have worked 30 days for the same customer. If you have worked 15 days for customer A who pays for holidays and 15 days for customer B who doesn’t pay for holidays, unfortunately you will not get paid for that Holiday.
In case of legal absence there may be aberration, ultimately it is the customer you are working for who pays for these holidays.

As you can see, there are many different agreements, rules and situations.

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