Personal information


When you move it is important to give a message that you changed your address. Your address is for example  important to find out which NAV-office you belong to when you are sick, and for calculating the right amount of travel expenses.


When your D-number changes in a normal personalnumber (F-number), it may can have consequences about your pension,  if you don’t inform us. Your D-number ends and your F-number starts with a new date. Because of this you may can lose a period of pension.

Account number

This is of course important to give a message that you have a new account number. Especially for those who have worked for Stolt before and come back to work for Stolt again.

Cellphone number

It is important for the staff to know your right cellphone number. You may lose work because they tried to call you. Also maybe you don’t get important text messages.

E-Mail address

With your e-mailaddress you can log in at your site on Stolt’ website. If you have a new e-mail address and you want to log in with the new one, give us a message. Only remember  that your payslips and (important) e-mails will be sent to that e-mail address which you are registered with.

In case of such changes, please contact us on e-mail